Turn Curious Clients Into Serious Homeowners

Turn casual questions into real deals. Make the house design process easier, inspire your client’s dream home, and make it a reality—in a day!

Luccid.ai House Design

Clients' Dream House, Your Way

Our AI gets to know your style from your past projects. This way, every new design truly feels like “you” and the results are top-notch.

Using Luccid’s house design tool, your clients can make spaces that match both your style and what they’re looking for.

dream home design

Let Clients Describe Their Dream House Design

Our AI tech is changing how people see their dream house.

Luccid lets you and your client quickly team up to imagine, plan, and budget for their future home.

Create A House Design That's A Perfect Fit

Give your clients the keys to their dream space with our easy floor plan editor.

From their own sofa, they can change walls, shuffle layouts, and place furniture. All it takes is a few clicks to craft a home that’s just right for them.

dream home design

The Future Is Ai-Aided Design

CAD (computer-aided design)

Just 6 months ago this was impossible.

With recent advancements in artificial intelligence, designing a dream home has become easy for anyone, even without prior experience in architectural software.

Streamline communication with the client by keeping all milestones, updates, and approvals in one central location, easily accessible for both parties.

No more scattered information causing missed details and updates.  Enhance collaboration, and gain a clear project overview with Luccid.

Overview of the project

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a space that perfectly matches their unique vision, budget, and lifestyle.

Join us on this exciting journey and stay updated

dream home design
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