Over a decade ago, I eagerly stepped into the mesmerizing realm of architecture and house design. With unmatched zeal and bright-eyed optimism, I embarked on my journey as an architect. Each new project not only introduced me to fresh stories and faces but also presented the thrilling task of transforming someone’s dream into a tangible masterpiece.

My name is Marko and I am CEO and co-founder of Luccid.

Clients' house design dream vs. their budget
Clients’ house design dream vs. their budget

The client is always right. Or is it?

Now, picture this: you receive a hastily drawn scribble. Or maybe an unfinished 3D model. The client sits confidently across the table. They believe their vision is perfect. But you? You’re trying to make sense of an unclear design. It’s loaded with potential issues.

Time and again, this scenario played out. Clients brimmed with creativity. Yet, their designs often missed practicality.

Honestly, I don’t blame them. After all, dreaming big is everyone’s right. But for us house designers, our duty lies in grounding those dreams in reality. We bridge the gap between whimsical ideas and tangible construction. More often than not, I found myself playing peacemaker, navigating the space between a client’s grand vision and the realm of feasible construction.

Clients describing their house design ideas

From Dreamy House Design Sketches to Practical Blueprints

Many enthusiastic clients didn’t want more architectural advice. Why? Some had tight budgets. Others felt their initial sketches were almost perfect. But any seasoned architect knows there’s a huge gap. It’s between a big dream and a workable blueprint.

Challenging moments often sparked innovation for me. Every complex design I saw gave me new ideas. We needed a solution. It should help clients see both the good and bad in their visions. Plus, it should separate serious clients from the casual ones.

Listening to the clients' house design stories

This is why I want to build Luccid

Luccid was born with a clear mission: Empower house designers with tools that resonate deeply with today’s clients. We’re not just crafting beautiful houses; we’re diving deep into dreams and anchoring them to reality. Luccid accelerates our design iterations, clarifies our communications, and refines our workflows. No more puzzling over vague scribbles; instead, we co-create, refining our clients’ visions on the fly. And here’s a bonus: Luccid effortlessly distinguishes between the committed and the just curious, conserving our valuable time and resources.

My 11-year voyage in house design has taught me that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Luccid is more than just a tool; it’s the culmination of years of experience, heartbreaks, and triumphs. It’s my answer to a long-standing problem, my way of giving back to the community that shaped me.

So, dear fellow house designers, let’s embrace the change. Let’s bridge the gap between dreams and reality, one design at a time. Because at the heart of every scribble, beneath every rough sketch, lies a story waiting to be told. And with Luccid, we have the chance to tell it right.

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