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A Modern Cabin Near a Water Canal Filled With Lilies

House design is more than sketches on a blueprint. It’s the dream of what can be—a space uniquely yours. But the road to making this dream a reality is paved with obstacles. We learned that the hard way when we started Luccid.

The Unseen Challenge

Like you, we are dreamers. We dreamt of transforming the way you interact with house design. We didn’t want you to settle for less. So, we embarked on a journey to craft Luccid, a platform that understands your vision and breathes life into it.

Reality Checks & VC Knock-backs

Navigating the world of venture capital felt like sailing through a storm without a compass. We had a vision, but often, it seemed like we were the only ones who could see it. Time after time, we heard “no,” or even worse, we’d hear enthusiasm that would fizzle into nothingness. These investors, well-versed in metrics like defensibility and moats, couldn’t relate to the heartfelt mission that drives us. Our early stage was a deterrent, our alpha too raw for their polished palates.

But here’s the exciting part: We might just have found someone who gets it. There’s a potential investor on the horizon that we’re eager to collaborate with. We’re holding off on details until ink meets paper, but let’s just say, things are looking up.

Stay tuned, because this chapter could have a very intriguing twist.

Modern House Design Generated By
A Modern Cabin Near a Water Canal Filled With Lilies

The Alpha Struggles in the House Design

Undeterred, we built an alpha. A clunky, barely usable one, but it was our MVP. Our mission was clear: let’s see if people really want to design their own houses. And guess what? With over 200 monthly active users, it turns out you do.

A Ray of Hope

In the middle of the grind, we got a Berliner Startup Stipendium. Someone believed in us. It was the fuel we needed to keep the engine running.

Catch-22 in House Design

But here’s the tricky part: house designers and development companies, our target audience, are not early adopters. They prefer to wait for the finished product. This leads to a classic chicken-and-egg problem. We couldn’t test the alpha without pilot testers, and we couldn’t find pilot testers because we only had an alpha.

The Never-ending Loop

This is where we find ourselves—a tool that can redefine house design but is caught in a loop. But we’ve come to realize that the problem isn’t the market; it’s how we introduce the tool to the market.

We’re tweaking, adapting, and finding innovative ways to break the loop. Because at the end of the day, what we’re really designing isn’t just another platform; it’s a new pathway to make your dream home come alive.

House design is a journey, and we’re thrilled you’re taking it with us. The challenges are part of the story—a story we’re writing together.

So let’s keep dreaming and designing because the best is yet to come.

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The Next Chapter in House Design Awaits

As we pen these lines, a new chapter is unfolding for Luccid. We’re gearing up for a beta release that we’ll unveil at ExpoReal in Munich this coming October. The excitement doesn’t stop there—our Luccid family is growing too. We’re thrilled to announce we’re adding a new software developer to the team, ensuring that we continue to innovate and bring you a product that changes the game in the house design.

Now, here’s where you come in. While you eagerly wait for the beta, why not take our alpha for a spin? Your insights could be the missing piece in this puzzle we’re solving together.

So, are you ready to be part of this journey and help us shape the future of house design?

Stay tuned. The story is far from over, and your role in it could be a game-changer.

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