Zen house generated by Luccid.ai
Zen house generated by Luccid.ai

Attention, house designers! If you’ve ever encountered challenges bridging the communication gap with clients or felt the constraints of conventional house design tools, we’ve got news for you. Welcome to Luccid — where AI transforms challenges into innovations.

The Birth of Luccid: A Designer’s Dream Tool

Greetings from Marko, Luccid’s CEO, co-founder, and fellow house designer. Over my 11-year journey in architecture and building development, I’ve recognized a consistent obstacle: our clients’ struggles to convey their dreams into tangible designs. It’s like having a song in your mind but not knowing the words.

Then Pascal, our tech genius and CTO, entered the scene. Having spent two decades in software and seven years in AI-centric roles, Pascal saw the potential of harnessing AI for architectural design. Driven by the ambition of his architect-aspiring daughter, he envisioned a tool that would act as a bridge between clients’ dreams and our expertise.

Our product vision was further refined with Stefan, Luccid’s CPO, joining the fold. With vast experience in B2B products, Stefan’s own frustrating home design experience was a testament to the need for a more intuitive solution in our industry.

Meet the team here.

Contemporary German House generated by Luccid.ai
Contemporary German House generated by Luccid.ai

Empowering Designers: Luccid’s Game-Changing House Design Workflow

Our combined experiences birthed a single revelation: The future of house design needs an upgrade, and Luccid is here to deliver.

With Luccid, house design becomes a seamless three-step flow:

  1. Invite & Engage: Onboard your clients with our user-friendly app interface.
  2. Collaborative Crafting: Clients co-create alongside our AI co-pilot, refining their dream homes until every detail is just right.
  3. Designer’s Final Touch: With the comprehensive insights gathered, you, the professional, craft the final masterpiece.

The Luccid Advantage: AI Precision and Client Involvement

Luccid is more than just a tool—it’s your trusted AI co-pilot. It allows clients to be actively involved in the design process, generating drawings, visualizations, and even budget estimates from the comfort of their homes. This not only ensures client satisfaction but also means that as a house designer, you can focus on what you do best.

House Design Floor Plan
House Design Floor Plan

Our unique specialization lies in single-family houses tailored to specific regions. Luccid’s AI precision melds seamlessly with its visualization and floor plan tools, granting your clients an unparalleled experience and providing you with real-time design feedback.

Crafting House Design of Tomorrow, Together

At the heart of Luccid is our vision to unite clients and professionals in the house design journey. It’s about co-creating masterpieces and reimagining the boundaries of what’s possible. Dive into this revolutionary era with us, and let’s redefine the design landscape together.
Ready to embrace the future of house design? Start your house design journey now.

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