Optimizing House Sales Process in a Volatile Market

Optimizing House Sales Process in a Volatile Market

In a quest to understand the current challenges of optimizing house sales process, we recently attended the Berliner Immobilienmesse, a cornerstone event for Germany’s real estate and house-building sectors. To say it’s been a harsh year would be an understatement. A perfect storm of ongoing crises, soaring inflation, escalating material costs, and stringent bank loans […]

Why Luccid is the House Design Configurator of Tomorrow

Luccid.ai House Design Configurator

In Germany’s prefab housing landscape, established old-school giants have long set the industry standards. They’ve provided configurators that, while functional, offer a narrow and outdated range of options. We’re here to change that narrative. Welcome to Luccid’s groundbreaking House Design Configurator, where as a house designer, you’re not limited to a pre-set menu. You get […]

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