Are you a house designer caught in an unending cycle of design revisions and extended client meetings? Imagine cutting down the typical two-month design process into just one day. This is no futuristic dream. Welcome to the era of AI-aided design with Luccid.

The House Designer using made this.

The House Designer’s Predicament

Hello, fellow house designers! I’m Marko, co-founder of Luccid, and much like you, I’ve been part of the industry for over a decade. Having worked across numerous projects, I’ve experienced firsthand the time drain that client interactions and feedback loops can become.

There’s a constant battle of reconciling the client’s vision with the practical design outputs. And isn’t it frustrating when after rounds of revisions, clients pull back realising their dream home might be just a tad out of their budget? All those hours, now down the drain.

Create a New Project in UI

Enter Luccid: AI Co-Pilot For a House Designer

Having identified these issues plaguing our industry, our experienced team set out to craft a solution. The result? Luccid is a transformative tool aimed at maximizing efficiency for both clients and professionals.

Here’s how Luccid stands apart:

Floor Plan Configurator

CAD is Dead: AI-Aided Design over Traditional Computer-aided Design

In our vision, the days of traditional CAD tools are numbered. The future is AI-Aided Design. And the best part? The barrier to entry has never been lower. While professionals guide the software, AI does the extensive work. And the sweet spot? Unlike other AI design tools that either focus on vast residential projects or cater to amateurs, Luccid hits the perfect balance – a dedicated space for house design where professionals and clients collaborate in harmony.


For house designers looking to keep up with the times and streamline their operations, embracing Luccid is not just a choice but a necessity. As we stand on the brink of revolutionizing house design, we invite you to join us in pioneering a new AI-aided design standard. Ready to embark on this journey and make house design an easy dream for all? Dive into the world of Luccid today.

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