House Design With The Client In The Center

Current House Design Process

Ditch the Old Ways: Welcome Real-Time House Design Out with those tedious cycles of emailing PDFs, waiting on feedback, tweaking, and then resending. Luccid changes the house design game. Navigating house design often presents a challenge. Specifically, there’s an evident mismatch between the client and the designer. Historically, traditional methods have pushed client input to […]

Home Design Made Easy by Luccid

Home Design Welcome Message

Thinking of designing a home? It’s not just for the pros anymore. Technology has leveled the playing field, and Luccid sits at the forefront of this revolution. Here’s a simple, straightforward guide that lays out our efficient, user-friendly workflow—a workflow that magically transforms your vague ideas into tangible, ready-to-implement home design plans. First Things First: […]

Introducing Luccid: House Design Just Got Smarter with AI

Modern House Design by

Attention, house designers! If you’ve ever encountered challenges bridging the communication gap with clients or felt the constraints of conventional house design tools, we’ve got news for you. Welcome to Luccid — where AI transforms challenges into innovations. The Birth of Luccid: A Designer’s Dream Tool Greetings from Marko, Luccid’s CEO, co-founder, and fellow house […]

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