Luccid: The Ultimate Design Software for Architects

Imagine instructing someone to visualize a beach sunset. You’d receive an array of mental images, each unique in color, cloud formations, and wave patterns. Now think about converting a basic 2D house sketch into a 3D concept using design software for architects. Seems like quite the challenge, doesn’t it? The Design Software for Architects that […]

Optimizing House Sales Process in a Volatile Market

Optimizing House Sales Process in a Volatile Market

In a quest to understand the current challenges of optimizing house sales process, we recently attended the Berliner Immobilienmesse, a cornerstone event for Germany’s real estate and house-building sectors. To say it’s been a harsh year would be an understatement. A perfect storm of ongoing crises, soaring inflation, escalating material costs, and stringent bank loans […]

Modern House Design: A New Chapter in Collaboration

Modern House Design by

In the ever-evolving world of modern house design, the difference between an exceptional and average project often boils down to communication. Every design enthusiast envisions a haven, a space reflective of their essence, and as house designers, it’s our mandate to morph that vision into concrete designs. The path from inspiration to implementation, however, can […]

House Design: Customer is not always right

Clients describing their house design ideas

Over a decade ago, I eagerly stepped into the mesmerizing realm of architecture and house design. With unmatched zeal and bright-eyed optimism, I embarked on my journey as an architect. Each new project not only introduced me to fresh stories and faces but also presented the thrilling task of transforming someone’s dream into a tangible […]

Pioneering House Design: Empowering Small Design Studios

House Design

In a world where tech propels most sectors, the best tools often demand deep pockets. Historically, big architectural firms had the upper hand, snagging top-tier resources. This left smaller studios and individual designers playing catch-up. Enter Luccid, the game-changer, introducing a budget-friendly AI house design solution curated for these smaller players. Here’s how the scales […]

House Design With The Client In The Center

Current House Design Process

Ditch the Old Ways: Welcome Real-Time House Design Out with those tedious cycles of emailing PDFs, waiting on feedback, tweaking, and then resending. Luccid changes the house design game. Navigating house design often presents a challenge. Specifically, there’s an evident mismatch between the client and the designer. Historically, traditional methods have pushed client input to […]

Custom House Design for Unique People

Custom House Design

In today’s world, the craving for personalization touches everything from our smartphones to our coffee orders, yet the housing market seems to be stuck in the past. Giants like Fertighaus Weiss have long held sway, offering well-established but largely uniform options. While these companies bring reliability to the table, do they really fulfill your yearning […]

Why Luccid is the House Design Configurator of Tomorrow House Design Configurator

In Germany’s prefab housing landscape, established old-school giants have long set the industry standards. They’ve provided configurators that, while functional, offer a narrow and outdated range of options. We’re here to change that narrative. Welcome to Luccid’s groundbreaking House Design Configurator, where as a house designer, you’re not limited to a pre-set menu. You get […]

House Design in Luccid’s Innovative Approach: Our Journey So Far

House Design Generated by

House design is more than sketches on a blueprint. It’s the dream of what can be—a space uniquely yours. But the road to making this dream a reality is paved with obstacles. We learned that the hard way when we started Luccid. The Unseen Challenge Like you, we are dreamers. We dreamt of transforming the […]

Introducing Luccid: House Design Just Got Smarter with AI

Modern House Design by

Attention, house designers! If you’ve ever encountered challenges bridging the communication gap with clients or felt the constraints of conventional house design tools, we’ve got news for you. Welcome to Luccid — where AI transforms challenges into innovations. The Birth of Luccid: A Designer’s Dream Tool Greetings from Marko, Luccid’s CEO, co-founder, and fellow house […]

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